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Adjustable Door Rod Guides For Three Point Latch Kits

Application & Design

These rod guides are used in conjunction with 3 point latching systems where there is a desire or need for an adjustable rod guide. The rod guide bolts (or welds) to the inside of the enclosure door. The door rods are secured using a steel roller pin which is adjustable up or down in the rod guide. The latching pressure against the gasket can be varied by moving the roller pin up or down from hole to hole in the rod guide.

NOTE: Two (2) Rod Guide Assemblies are required for each Three Point Latch Kit. If entire kit is not needed, you may order by individual part numbers shown below.

Adjustable Door Rod Guide for Three Point Latch System Kits

Product No. Material Finish
NH-40511 Steel Yellow Plate
NH-40511C Steel Clear Plate
NH-40512 304 Stainless Steel Bright

Adjustable Door Rod Guide for Three Point Latch System Parts

Product No. Name Material Finish Qty
FS-203000 Hex Nut 10/32 Steel Yellow Plate 2
FS-203000C Hex Nut 10/32 Steel Clear Plate 2
NH-20511 Door Rod Guide Steel Yellow Plate 1
NH-20511C Door Rod Guide Steel Clear Plate 1
FS-635409 Pin 1/4" Steel Yellow Plate 1
FS-635409C Pin 1/4" Steel Clear Plate 1
FS-735003 Pin Retaining Ring 1/4" Steel Yellow Plate 2
FS-383000 Washer #10 x .30 Sealing Nylon Clear Plate 2
FS-133100 Screw 10-31 x 1/2 Steel Yellow Plate 2
FS-103100 Screw 10-31 x 1/2 Stainless Steel Bright 2

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