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Circuit Breaker Lock-Out Kits

Application & Design

To provide a means to mechanically lock out one power source when an alternate power source is in use. The Breaker Lock-Out consists of a bar which slides back and forth between two breaker switches allowing only one breaker at a time to be energized. It is a very simple and efficient mechanism to control two separate power sources. FabTech offers Breaker Lock-Out Kits in two sizes, one for small frame breakers and one for large.

Breaker Lock-Out Kit

Product No. Material Finish Notes
PH-40010 T6 Aluminum Brushed Small Frame Breakers
PH-40020 T6 Aluminum Brushed Large Frame Breakers

Breaker Lock-Out Kit Parts

Product No. Part Notes
PH-20010 Block used for Small Frame
PH-20020 Slide used for Small Frame
PH-20015 Block used for Large Frame
PH-20025 Slide used for Large Frame
PH-20030 Slide Thumb Screw

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