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Cover Clamp Screws – Combo Head

Application & Design

Used to secure the JIC cover clamp to the box.The Combo Head design(Slotted or Phillips screw driver) provides sufficient clearance between the clamp and the screw head to allow the clamp to rotate for easy access to the interior of the box.  This design also has a notch cut into the threaded portion which clears resin from the threads of powder coated boxes, making it easier to start the screws. Available with 1/4–28 threads only.

Product No. Thread Height Material Finish
JH-20087 1/4–28 5/8" Steel Clear Plate
JH-20088 1/4–28 5/8" Steel Yellow Plate
JH-20089 1/4–28 5/8" 18-8 (302) Stainless Steel Bright
JH-20082 1/4-28 3/4" 18-8 (302) Stainless Steel Bright
JH-20083 1/4–28 3/4" Steel Yellow Plate
JH-20084 1/4–28 3/4" Steel Clear Plate

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