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Door Clamp Bracket

Application & Design

FabTech’s Door Clamp Bracket is intended to be welded to the enclosure to accept either the standard door clamp assemblies or the fast operating clamp assemblies. FabTech’s Door Clamp Bracket is designed to provide sufficient strength so that the door clamps may be tightened to achieve the correct sealing pressure for both TYPE 4 and TYPE 12 enclosures. The threaded holes are slightly extruded to ensure sufficient thread engagement for both 1/4–20 and 1/4–28 screws.

Product No. Thread Material Finish
NH-20051 1/4–20 Steel Uncoated
NH-20071 1/4–20 T304 Stainless Steel Bright
NH-20091 1/4–20 Aluminum Mill
NH-20050 1/4–28 Steel Uncoated
NH-20070 1/4–28 T304 Stainless Steel Bright
NH-20080 1/4–28 T316 Stainless Steel Bright
NH-20090 1/4–28 Aluminum Mill

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