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Door Clamp: Type 12


FabTech’s Door Clamps are designed to be used with a clamp screw, and a T316 stainless steel washer and spring to make up a Door Clamp Assembly.


This assembly is fastened to a clamp bracket, which is welded to the enclosure. When the door is closed, the clamp engages the formed lip of the enclosure door. When the screw is tightened, the clamp secures the door in the closed position FabTech’s Door Clamps are designed to fit the most widely accepted style of TYPE 4 and TYPE 12 industrial electrical enclosures. The TYPE 12 Door Clamp is a plain channel shape and either leg may be used to clamp against the formed lip of the door. The TYPE 12 clamp was designed to be used on dust tight enclosures and is identified as a N-12 clamp.

Product No. Material Finish Package
NH-20030 Steel Yellow Plate Box of 500
NH-20035 Steel Clear Plate Box of 500
NH-20040 T304 Stainless Steel Bright Box of 500

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