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Adjustable Door Stop Kit


For use on most standard TYPE 4 and TYPE 12 enclosures to hold the door in an open position while working inside the enclosure.


FabTech designed the Adjustable Door Stop Kit for use on most standard Type 4 and Type 12 enclosures to secure the door in an open position.  It may be installed on the top or bottom of the door frame. Installation requires the drilling of (2) 7/32 holes in the en­closure and (2) 7/32 holes in the door.  The door stop may be adjusted to stop the door at any angle up to 90°.  When the door is closed, the door stop retracts to an out of the way position.  To operate properly, the door must open horizontally and the width of the enclosure must be 16 inches or more.  Hardware is supplied for installation.


Packaging Note

These kits are individually packaged in poly bags. They are generically labeled for use without remarking or can be brand labeled if desired.

Product No. Material Finish
NH-45005C Steel Clear Plate
NH-45005Y Steel Yellow Plate
NH-45010 304 Stainless Steel Bright
NH-45013 316 Stainless Steel Bright

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