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Free Standing Panel Mounting Hardware: Bracket Assembly

Application & Design

Interior panels used in electrical enclosures are installed by various means, which range from simple hex nuts with washers to special brackets and hardware. FabTech offers this hardware as individual parts, which can be used for factory installation or as kits, that can be shipped with the panels or enclosures.

Free-Standing (FS) style enclosures and some consoles use brackets to fasten the interior panels to channels which are welded inside of the enclosures. Single door and double door FS type enclosures, along with consoles, require various combinations of brackets and hardware to mount their respective panels. We offer kits for each of these variations.

Available in Clear or Yellow Plate.

Product No. Description Finish
NH-40300 Free Standing Panel Mounting Hardware Bracket Assembly Yellow Plate
NH-40300C Free Standing Panel Mounting Hardware Bracket Assembly Clear Plate


Product No. Description Item No. Material Finish
NH-20400 FS Panel Support 1 Steel Yellow Plate
NH-20401 FS Panel Support Standoff 2 Steel Yellow Plate
FS-137358 Carriage Bolt 3/8-16 x 1.75 3 Steel Yellow Plate
FS-136201 Hex Head Screw 5/16-18 x 1 4 Steel Yellow Plate
FS-33600 Flat Washer 5/16 5 Steel Yellow Plate
FS-336001 Lock Washer 5/16 6 Steel Yellow Plate
FS-246009 Clamping Nut 7 Stainless Steel Bright
FS-33700 Hex Nut 3/8 8 Steel Yellow Plate
FS-33700 Flat Washer 3/8 9 Steel Yellow Plate

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