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Padlockable at Bottom Handle Kits and Parts

Application & Design

This handle can work in conjunction with either a single point latch or a three point latch to provide a means for padlocking the handle. These handles are designed so that they may be used for clockwise or counter clockwise operation. They are also padlockable in either mode.

Product No  Name Notes
LH-40520  Complete padlockable door handle kit Padlock at bottom

If entire kit is not needed, you may order by individual part numbers shown below:

Product No. Part Material Finish Notes
FS-103120 Screw 18–8Stainless Steel Bright PHMS – 10–32 x 5/8 Quantity: 4
FS-203000 Hex Nut Stainless Steel Yellow Plate 10–32 Quantity: 4
LH-20056 90º Door Stop CW 304 Stainless Steel Bright
LH-20052 90º CCW Stop Plate Steel Yellow Plate
FS-106121 Hex Bolt  Stainless Steel Bright 5/16-18 x 5/8 Quantity: 2
NH-20503 Door Cam 304 Stainless Steel Clear Plate
LH-10053 Spacer  1/4" Thick Delrin White
9-H-73-SSA Padlockable Handle Stainless Steel Bright

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