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Panel Mounting Collar Stud

Application & Design

The Panel Mounting Collar Stud is intended to be welded to a flat surface such as the interior rear or side of an enclosure to support equipment and mounting panels. Can be installed with CD welding apparatus or by arc welding. The collar positions the item to be mounted at a distance of .94 from the mounting surface. The stud is threaded to accept 3/8–16 hex nuts for securing the item into the enclosure. An arc shield is furnished to contain the arc during the welding process.

Product No. Thread Material Finish Notes
NH-20350 3/8–16 Steel Uncoated With Arc Shields
NH-20360 3/8–16 T302 Stainless Steel Uncoated With Arc Shields
NH-20351 3/8–16 Steel Copper Clad CD Type
NH-20361 3/8–16 T302 Stainless Steel Uncoated CD Type

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